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We, the management and staff of AMACO LTD. are committed and have an objective to
timely provide our customers with products and services which are of highly grade quality,
cost effective, consistent and conforms with special customer’s as well as statutory and
regulatory requirement. This will be achieved through continuous development, application
of latest and advanced technology. Intensive rigid training, for the manpower force to
improve the quality of our products and services that exceeds our customer’s expectations
and to be competitive in the world market.
AMACO top management is fully committed to provide adequate resources for the achievement of quality objectives.

The management and staff of AMACO are committed to their customer's concern and satisfaction & to use proper monitoring & measuring tools for the continual improvement
of the company’s Quality Management System.


Management Review is fundamental in achieving customer satisfaction. Periodically, the results of audits and other performance matrices

will be formally reviewed to ensure that Corrective and Preventive mechanism are functioning.

The Quality Policy shall be achieved by the management and employees in implementing ISO 9001:2008 quality management system
which covers all the company operations and applies to all company personnel.

Chairman of the Board

Products & MAchines

AMACO offers high-grade products & using wealth of knowledge from highly qualified engineers and well skilled workers and professionals
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